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Shielding Products & Services

Our engineers and other staff in Harrisburg will assist you in any way possible. JEMIC Shielding Technology is located in Central PA and offers testing of emi products, prototyping and design consultation. We are available to help whether you know exactly what you need or are simply looking for some advice. Quotes are typically delivered within 24 hours. Turn-around for EMI products and prototypes will vary based on complexity, however, most can be prepared within several days.

Harrisburg Shielding Manufacturing

Shielding Products & Manufacturing in Harrisburg

Whether you are in need of EMI gaskets, RFI pouches, shielding cables or tapes, JEMIC engineering has a solution for you! We do all of our manufacturing in Harrisburg PA and produce a range of standard and custom shielding products. Contact us today for a quote.

EMI Shielding Gaskets

Harrisburg Laminate TechnologyOur fabric-over-foam EMI shielding gaskets are an ideal solution for a diverse range of shielding applications, from small commercial laptops to larger industrial buildings or enclosures.

RFI Shielding Pouches

The purpose of JEMICís RF shielded pouch is to provide you with shielding in order to prevent transmissions of radio frequencies, both to and from the inside of the bag. These portable options will offer you EMI protection in Harrisburg and your travels!

I/O Backplane Gaskets

Available with varying thickness and custom cutouts, our E-Series I/O backplane gaskets are fabric-over-foam, low closure force EMI gaskets, with resistance of less than 0.05 Ohm/sq.

Wire Oriented Silicone Gaskets

This type of gasket creates electromagnetic interference shielding through the use of conductive wire that is embedded within silicone. The solid or sponge elastomer that creates the core of this gasket is available from our Harrisburg manufacturing center.

Cable Shielding

To minimize concerns from EMI, JEMIC offers cables that are wrapped with our shielding fabric to provide excellent shielding. Contact our Harrisburg office today to get your custom project underway.

EMI Shield Tapes

Our shielding tapes come in a range of varieties including aluminum foil tape, EMI fabric tape, and copper foil tape. All may be used to cover openings in enclosures or seal seams where interference may otherwise penetrate.

Shielding Laminates

Shielding laminates are often used to surround components and the solutions offered at JEMIC are an inexpensive shielding option. Our laminates include copper foil tape or aluminum foil tape, conductive fabric, and one or more layers of insulation that can be custom shaped or folded during manufacturing.