JEMIC | RF Shielding Pouch

The purpose of the RF Shielded Pouch is to prevent the transmission of RF frequencies going to and from the inside of the bag. Also known as a faraday bag, the RF shielding bag is useful in securing electronic devices in high security areas to prevent the unwanted transmission of sensitive information. They may also be used to simply keep a conference room and meetings from unwanted interruptions. And in the realm of forensics, they are used as digital evidence bags or forensic seizure bags to contain and protect evidence by utilizing RFI shield technology.

RF Pouches and Forensic Evidence Bags from JEMIC

RF Shielding Pouch

JEMIC RF bags protect wireless devices from outside interference during seizure, transportation and evidence gathering. Also know as a forensic sleeve or pouch, an RF bag ensures an unbroken chain of custody and unspoiled evidence.

RF pouches are composed of a foam padded nylon outer layer and two layers of RF shielding material. RF cell phone pouches are readily available in three sizes to accommodate multiple devices, while laptop pouches can hold 1 laptop. Custom logo embroidery is offered on all RF shield bag sizes except the smallest, P4590. Custom sizes are available.

RF Shielding Pouch for Smaller Items

Law Enforcement and the RF Pouch

Evidence gathered from wireless devices increasingly plays a role in law enforcement and convictions. The GPS in a suspect's cell phone can place him at the scene of a crime, while texts, email messages and documents can provide incriminating evidence.

Unfortunately, criminals subvert the very technology used to protect honest individuals, and remote access to wireless devices allows suspects to lock or wipe cell phones and laptops, corrupting vital evidence. A criminal can use a remote locking service to completely sabotage a criminal investigation with little or no risk.

In addition, incoming data after seizure breaks the item's chain of custody and compromises evidence; such data includes email messages, texts, phone calls and voicemail. Individuals in law enforcement need a means of securing and protecting wireless devices from the moment of seizure.

A forensic bag by JEMIC solves such problems. JEMIC RF bags include a foam-padded nylon outer layer to prevent physical damage to evidence, with two layers of radio frequency shielding to isolate wireless devices from cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and satellite signals.

RF Shield Bag Applications:

  • A cell phone shielding pouch to block cell phone transmissions.
  • As digital evidence bags and forensic seizure bags
  • Protect personal information on e-passports and smart cards.
  • Prevent tracking and skimming of RFID devices.
  • Block laptop transmissions and data access.
  • Secure buildings and secure locations.
  • Prevent interruptions during meetings.
  • Isolate “noisy” devices.

RF Pouch for Larger Bag Applications

Industries served:

In addition to law enforcement, RF bags offer security and protection to military organizations, correctional facilities, corporate and private investigations, and a range of state and federal agencies, including the Secret Service, CIA, FBI and NSA.

A forensic pouch can also be used to protect wireless devices from criminals, shielding the contents from outside interference. This makes RF bags vital for any organization wanting to safely transport devices containing sensitive information. Radio frequency shielding bags may also be used in highly sensitive locations to prevent devices brought into the secure zone from transmitting data to outside sources.

A JEMIC RF bag even has personal uses. With the rise in unwanted tracking and surveillance of data, individuals can use a forensic pouch to protect their privacy.

  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Government Agencies
  • Law Enforcement
  • Personal Use

RFI Bag Properties:

  • Durable foam-padded Nylon construction
  • Custom embroidery available


Reusable JEMIC RF bags come in three sizes, allowing for the seizure of multiple devices in a single forensic pouch, such as cell phones, GPS devices, key fobs and tablets. In addition, we offer a laptop-sized RF bag with enough room to secure a single laptop. Custom sizes and embroidery are available on request.

When you need the best in secure forensic RF bags, think JEMIC.

Part Number Description Dimensions Rate ($/piece)
P4590 Single Device 5.5" tall X 3.75" wide Please Contact JEMIC for Pricing
P5595 Double Device 7" tall X 5" wide
P7095 Triple Device 7.5" tall X 6.5" wide
P1316 Laptop 13" tall X 16" wide

RF shielding bags are proudly made in the USA