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If youíre not using JEMIC credit card and id card shielding sleeves in your facility, you could be jeopardizing the security of your organization. Contact us to learn more about how our credit card and id card security products can help keep you and your organization safer.

RFID Credit Card Sleeves

RFID Credit Card and ID Card Sleeves

If youíre not using RFID credit card sleeves, you could be making yourself vulnerable to identity theft or financial data theft. If you or your employees carry a contactless credit card, RFID-enhanced passport, driverís license or any other type of identification using RFID technology, youíre giving thieves an easy way to access your personal information. Luckily, an RFID credit card holder or sleeve stops scammers in their tracks. JEMIC is a Harrisburg, PA-based manufacturer of innovative EMI shielding products and RF shielding bags for a wide variety of applications.

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How to Protect Your Credit Cards From RFID Scanning

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a type of chip technology permitting easy access to information. Itís used on business and government IDs, driverís licenses, U.S. passports, mass transit cards, hospital IDs and many credit cards. RFID allows businesses to easily and quickly process information with less contact.

With RFID technology, workers donít have to enter information Ė they simply have to scan an RFID card or chip. In some cases, scanners work so well you donít even have to take your wallet out. Agencies, large corporations and airports can use this technology to scan information from entire crowds, easily allowing authorized personnel through. At your favorite stores, RFID technology makes it easy to pay for purchases without having to interact with a cashier, saving the store money on employee wages.

While RFID technology has been available since approximately 2005, there are some drawbacks. Thieves can buy powerful RFID scanners to access financial information from your credit cards. They can do this in any public place, without ever getting close to your wallet ó and you might not realize youíve been targeted by crowd hacking until days or weeks later.

The news is even worse if you manage a business, agency or organization. The ID your organization has issued may also be vulnerable to electronic pick-pocketing, meaning you could be held responsible if employees are targeted. If your ID cards contain organization-sensitive information or if you want to protect your team, credit card protective sleeves blocking RFID scanners are the ideal solution.

A Powerful Firewall to Protect Your Most Important Information

With RFID blocking card sleeves, everyone at your organization can protect their company credit cards, agency IDs and other RFID-enabled cards. RFID blocking card sleeves from JEMIC Shielding Technology are made with durable materials. The inside is made from a metal alloy designed to block RFID scanners, keeping your private information safe at all times.

These sleeves serve as a powerful firewall for your cards and IDs. By placing an RFID blocking card sleeve bulk order with JEMIC, you can rest easy knowing youíre working with the same company that government agencies, hospitals and other industry leaders trust when they want EMI shielding products.

With more than 30 years of combined experience in the EMI shielding products industry, JEMIC has developed innovative RFID blocking card sleeve products for government and general use. We can ship RFID protective sleeves for credit cards or IDs to your organization quickly, so you can stay safer. Contact us today!