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I/O Backplane Gaskets

Our standard fabric-over-foam I/O backplane gaskets for D-Subminiature Connectors are available in .040 and .080 inch thicknesses. However, as with our EMI profile gaskets, custom thicknesses and cutouts are available to further perfect our EMI shielding solutions to your design needs.

I/O Backplane Gaskets dimensions from JEMIC Shielding Technology Specifications Graphic

I/O Gasket Description L1 W1 L2 W2
IO9POS 9 Position D-Sub 1.213 (30.8mm) .750 (19.1mm) .984 (25.0mm) .400 (10.2mm)
IO15POS 15 Position D-Sub 1.541 (39.1mm) .750 (19.1mm) 1.312 (33.3mm) .400 (10.2mm)
IO25POS 25 Position D-Sub 2.088 (53.0mm) .750 (19.1mm) 1.852 (47.0mm) .400 (10.2mm)
IO37POS 37 Position D-Sub 2.720 (69.1mm) .750 (19.1mm) 2.500 (63.5mm) .400 (10.2mm)
IO50POS 50 Position D-Sub 2.630 (66.8mm) .850 (21.6mm) 2.406 (61.1mm) .500 (12.7mm)

Custom I/O Backplane Gaskets

EMI Solutions and Custom I/O Backplane GasketsWe can make any custom I/O backplane gasket to fit your EMI shielding solution needs!
Any width, any length, any cutout configuration, any thickness.

JEMIC's unique manufacturing process is designed to accommodate custom EMI shielding gaskets to ensure high quality EMI solutions. Using inexpensive, fast turn-around tooling, JEMIC Shielding Technology is capable of production runs for new EMI shielding gaskets in just a few weeks.


Shielding Effectiveness   > 85dB attenuation from 20 MHz to 10 GHz
Electrical Resistance   < 0.05 Ohms/Sq
Compression Deflection   < 1 lb/in
Compression Set   15-19 percent
15 percent at 70 °F. (21 °C.)
19 percent at 158 °F. (70 °C.)
Service Temperature   -40 °F. (-40 °C.) to 158 °F. (70 °C.)

NOTE: The application and gasket geometry may influence shielding effectiveness, compression deflection and compression set.