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Cell phone and laptop security is a major concern these days and with good reason. Hackers possess the capability to remotely activate cell phone microphones and listen in on private conversations and gain access to sensitive information stored on laptops. Security breaches can also occur within the walls of a seemingly secure building. Storing electronic devices in a faraday bag from JEMIC Shielding Technology is a highly-effective way to safeguard them against unwanted radio frequency interference and prevent the removal of critical data.

Faraday Bags

What Is a Faraday Bag?

A faraday bag, also known as an (radio frequency) shielding bag, is a pouch consisting of a foam padded nylon outer layer and two layers of specially-designed RF shielding material. When placing devices such as cell phones, GPS, laptops or tablets inside the faraday pouch, the devices are unable to receive or transmit potentially disruptive RF signals. The faraday bag will block cell signals, wifi, satellite & bluetooth frequencies.

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Faraday Bag Uses:

A faraday bag can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Protecting data and preventing unwanted laptop and cell phone transmissions in secure locations such as government buildings and military installations
  • Preventing tracking of cell phone locations
  • Avoiding disruptions caused by ringing or chirping cell phones
  • Safeguarding personal data contained on smart cards and other electronic items

Faraday Evidence Bags: A Valuable Military & Law Enforcement Tool

Faraday forensic bags are commonly used by law enforcement for the preservation of vital evidence. By placing a laptop or cell phone inside the pouch upon seizure, individuals are prevented from remotely removing any potentially incriminating evidence they may contain.

Flexible Options for a Variety of Needs

JEMIC faraday cell phone pouches come in three sizes and the laptop pouch can hold a standard-size laptop, making it easy to find the pouch that meets your specific needs. We can also provide customized sizes if required. In addition, we can embroider your bag with your company logo, a feature available for all sizes except for our smallest cell phone bag.

Donít Take Chances with Your Cell Phone or Laptop Security

Cell phone and laptop security breaches pose a very real threat to businesses and individuals. Protect your electronic devices and gain peace of mind with a faraday bag from JEMIC Shielding Technology. Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives to learn more today!