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EMI Shielding Tapes

EMI Shielding Tape from JEMIC Shielding TechnologyJEMIC Shielding Technology offers a variety of EMI shielding tapes, including plated fabrics and metal foil tapes. We carry Aluminum foil tape, Copper foil tape, and Powder Paint Mask foil EMI shielding tapes. Most of our foil tapes will accept solder, and are excellent for many EMI/RFI shielding applications, and for the repair and manufacture of printed circuit boards. We also carry a standard Nickel over Copper and a Copper plated fabric shielding tape.

EMI Shielding Tape diagram from JEMIC Shielding TechnologyAs with our foil tapes, our plated fabrics are also excellent for many EMI/RFI applications, and perform exceptionally for cable shielding. For more cable shield options, please visit our EMI Cable Shielding page.

EMI Tape Varieties

With the many applications that require electronic shielding, at JEMIC Shielding Technology we offer a wide variety of EMI and RF shielding tape to help meet your specific project needs. Our variety of EMI tapes are available in plated fabrics or metal foils. Options include:

Copper Shielding Tape

Copper EMI tape is one of the more versatile options for your shielding tape needs because it comes in a broad set of tape construction types. Copper shielding tape and copper foil tape can be made with smooth foil backings that establish a secure electrical contact through a custom adhesive, embossed foil backings that make direct contact, combined with tin for better plated backings, tape that has conductive adhesive on both sides and other nonconductive or fabric tape options.

EMI copper foil tape is found in almost all places EMI tape is used, such as covering transformers, grounding planes for connectors and in protecting a room through copper shielding tape.

EMI Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum shielding tape can be used when you need to protect or shield a connector and provide a variety of low-resistance paths, such as in smooth foil backings that need conductive, acrylic adhesive. Aluminum foil tape is also a prominent type of tape with embossed foil backings that deliver significant contact resistance for highly effective shielding.

Aluminum foil shielding tape is a great alternative to copper tape because it provides a good effectiveness during die cutting, operations where oxidation is present and when using solvents and oils.

Powder Paint Mask Shielding Tape

Powder paint mask EMI tape is designed with a specific powder paint coating that can be custom-made for your specific applications and specifications. Powder paint mask foil tape can support special uses like chemical etching and has specific versions for die cutting. Ask us about your needs through the contact button below and we’ll help you pick the perfect powder paint mask shielding tape for your needs.