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The Importance of EMI Shielding

What is EMI shielding and why is it important? Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a disturbance created by changes in currents and voltages caused by manmade and natural sources. This electromagnetic noise alters the optimal frequency of different types of products and devices, resulting in diminished performance, malfunctions and failures. As a result, it's critical for manufacturers to engineer electromagnetic shielding solutions for designing high-frequency electronic components that generate less EMI and protect devices from adverse effects.

Whether you need to ensure your mobile communication system is rock solid or you can’t hold a steady signal on your AM radio, JEMIC Shielding Technology provides a broad range of products and services for ending your EMI problems.

What Can Cause Electromagnetic Interference?

Electromagnetic interference is more prevalent today than ever before due to the steady rise in the use of modern electronics. So what can cause electromagnetic interference? Virtually anything you plug into an electrical socket or operates on battery power — such as toaster ovens, cellphones, TVs, garage door openers, transmitters, remote controls, motors and power sources — can cause interference. Electromagnetic shielding is used to limit the level of EMI a product is emitting and blocks its disruptive waves from interfering with components.

EMI Shielding Manufacturing Process

Industries such as medical, telecommunications, wireless and others utilize EMI shielding to ensure devices work correctly and will not malfunction as a result of electromagnetic waves. There are many forms of electromagnetic shielding that are used alone, or more often in unison to achieve the best results. Common methods include:

  • EMI shielding laminates, including insulating films and conductive materials capable of enclosing sensitive components

  • Plated fabric and metal foil tapes ideal for EMI/RFI shielding applications and repairing printed circuit boards

  • EMI cable shielding for a cost-effective way to insulate wiring by absorbing interference and deflecting noise

  • I/O backplane gaskets for D-Subminiature connectors, offering surface resistivity of < 0.05 ohms per square < 0.05 ohms per square

  • EMI gaskets manufactured of closed cell foam core, delivering an effective seal and compression deflection

Electromagnetic Shielding Solutions

JEMIC Shielding Technology focuses on delivering EMI products and services efficiently suited to your particular applications. We call on our extensive industry experience to engineer, manufacture and sell a complete selection of high-quality EMI gaskets and other innovative shielding products. Our inventory also includes a variety of products for protecting electronic devices such as cellphone pouches, credit card and ID card shielding sleeves, and faraday bags.

Contact us for more information on EMI shielding and our broad in-house manufacturing capabilities. Our professional team will help you find all the products and services you require.