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JEMIC manufactures and distributes electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products. We offer a range of products to control undesired electromagnetic energy and radio frequency interference (RFI) from disrupting, or radiating from, electronic devices.

Some of our products include EMI shielding fabric tapes, conductive fabric-over-foam EMI profile gaskets, digital evidence bags, aluminum foil tape, copper foil tape, fabric-over-foam I/O backplane gaskets, EMI cable shielding and EMI shielding laminates. With all our electro magnetic shielding products, we offer design consultation and prototyping. Custom sizes, shapes and configurations are available for all of our products which can be run in both low and high volume orders. We specialize in manufacturing processes and lines that allow for flexible EMI shield product designs.

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EMI Shielding Fundamentals

JEMIC Electro Magnetic Shielding GasketsElectromagnetic interference, otherwise know as EMI, is an inadvertent, undesired electronic signal, or signals, radiating from an electronic device. These emissions may manifest themselves as harmless, annoying static on your radio, or possibly as a much more serious interference, such as with an aircraft or in military equipment. Typically most electronics are enclosed in a metal housing, such as computers, where the metal housing acts as the primary shield. However, even the smallest seam or opening in the enclosure may allow for the escape or entry of EMI. That’s where our electro magnetic shielding products come in. Our range of products - including EMI gaskets, and conductive foam and fabrics - fill the gaps and holes in electronic enclosures essentially making the enclosure a complete, seamless shield, thereby containing or blocking the EMI.

One of our first product lines, that continues to remain a significant focus of our production, is our "fabric-over-foam" product line. Fabric-over-foam EMI gaskets consist of an electrically conductive fabric wrapped around and bonded to a foam core. These types of EMI gaskets are available as both continuous profile gaskets and I/O backplane gaskets. The conductive foam is resilient and compensates for tolerances and variations within the seams and opening of the enclosure. The electrically conductive fabric is, of course, the EMI shielding. The fabric is modified to be electrically conductive throughout a metal plating process. Commonly plated with copper, silver and nickel, or combinations thereof, the fabric is highly conductive and remains flexible.

In addition to our EMI Profile Gaskets and I/O backplane gaskets, JEMIC Shielding Technology offers EMI shielding tapes, EMI cable shielding and EMI shielding laminates. We also have extensive in-house capabilities in the areas of assembly and value-added capabilities.

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