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The E-Series profile gasket is a high performance fabric-over-foam continuous strip gasket, with resistance of less than 0.05 Ohm/sq.

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EMI Gaskets

EMI Profile Gaskets, JEMIC, Shielding GasketsJAs designs and manufacturing of consumer or business-to-business products become more complex, the risk of interference increases. JEMIC's EMI shielding gaskets and materials offer engineers top-level performance and effectiveness against electromagnetic interference.

Our EMI shielding gaskets are available in a range of profiles, sizes and other configuration options. We also have extensive modification capabilities and can produce custom shielding gaskets for applications in which an off-the-shelf product will not do.

Our Products

JEMIC's unique manufacturing process is designed to accommodate standard and custom EMI profile gaskets to ensure high quality EMI solutions. Using inexpensive, fast turn-around tooling, JEMIC Shielding Technology is capable of production runs for new shielding gaskets in just a few weeks.

Available RF gaskets include:

  • D-profile gaskets: Our D-profile RF gaskets are available in three sizes: .120/3.0 mm by 150/3.8 mm (model PD1215), .140/3.6 mm by .250/6.4 mm (model PD1425), and .250/6.4 mm by .375/9.5 mm. D-shaped EMI gaskets consist of a closed cell foam core covered in a plated fabric that provides >85 dB attenuation of shielding effectiveness from 20 MHz to 10 GHz, depending on the application. Like all our products, our D-profile EMI gaskets can be counted on for excellent compression set and compression deflection at temperatures as low as -40°C/-40°F.

  • R-profile gaskets: R-profile gaskets are sold in five standard sizes: .039/1.0 mm by .190/5.0 mm (R0419), .079/2.0 mm by .276/7.0 mm (R0828), .250/6.4 mm by .375/9.5 mm (R2538), .375/9.5 mm by .375/9.5 mm (R383) and .120/3.0 mm by .500/12.7 mm (R1250). In addition to our off-the-shelf products, we can also fabricate a custom EMI gasket to your unique specifications. All products offer fabric-over-foam construction for excellent shielding effectiveness, electrical resistance, compression deflection and compression set at a wide range of temperatures.

  • L-profile gaskets: Our standard L-profile EMI gasket (model number PL3942) measures .385/9.8 mm by .420/ 10.7 mm. All L-profile EMI gaskets consist of a closed cell foam inner core and a plated fabric wrapping. L-profile fabric-over-foam gaskets are easy to install in a number of different applications, and offer strong EMI attenuation and excellent durability. Suitable for both consumer electronics and military-grade applications, our products can be modified or customized to simplify installation and improve overall effectiveness.

  • P-profile gaskets: Our standard P-profile EMI gasket, model PP1552, measures .150/3.8 mm by .520/13.2 mm. Potential applications include display terminals, metal housings and switching cabinets — or any environment in which excellent shielding effectiveness, compression set and durability are required. Typically, our gaskets can be used in temperatures ranging from -40°F/-40°C to 158°F/70°C.

Visit individual product pages for detailed specifications about different gasket shapes and sizes. You can also contact a JEMIC representative directly for assistance choosing the right part for your needs, or to request a quote for a custom RF gasket.

We typically have all standard RF gaskets in stock and ready to ship at your convenience from our Harrisburg, PA headquarters. Custom orders can be quickly processed and turned around as we manufacture all components in-house and have extensive machining and modification capabilities.

Customization Options

We offer value-added modifications to all of our EMI shielding solution products, including our fabric-over-foam gaskets. We can assemble a variety of components into a single shielding element, saving our customers assembly cost and time. For example, four EMI profile gaskets, separately applied and used to seal a square opening, can be delivered to our customer as a single, square, "picture frame" type gasket.

Environmental Concerns?

JEMIC’s closed cell foam core is perfect for providing an environmental seal. Reduce your cost and your assembly time with a dual-purpose gasket. We can design a profile EMI shielding gasket to address your environmental concerns in combination with an EMI solution electronic shield.


Shielding Effectiveness   > 85dB attenuation from 20 MHz to 10 GHz
Electrical Resistance   < 0.05 Ohms/Sq
Compression Deflection   < 1 lb/in
Compression Set   15-19 percent
15 percent at 70 °F. (21 °C.)
19 percent at 158 °F. (70 °C.)
Service Temperature   -40 °F. (-40 °C.) to 158 °F. (70 °C.)

NOTE: The application and EMI/RF gasket geometry may influence shielding effectiveness, compression deflection and compression set.