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Our engineers and other staff will assist you in any way possible. JEMIC Shielding Technology offers design consultation, prototyping and testing of emi products. Whether you are simply looking for some advice, or you know exactly what you need, we will be glad to help. We will quote typical customer orders within 24 hours. The turn-around for EMI products prototypes varies depending upon complexity, but most can be expected within a few days.

EMI Products and Shielding Gaskets

EMI Products & Services

EMI Profile Shielding Gaskets

EMI Shielding Gaskets and I/O Backplane Gaskets from JEMIC Shielding TechnologyFabric-over-foam EMI profile shielding gaskets are ideal for many types of EMI applications, from small commercial laptop computers to large industrial enclosures. Our E-Series EMI profile gaskets are high performance fabric-over-foam continuous strip gaskets, with surface resistance of less than 0.05 Ohm/sq.

I/O Backplane Gaskets

As with our standard EMI profile gasket line, our E-Series I/O backplane gaskets are low closure force, fabric-over-foam EMI gasket, with resistance of less than 0.05 Ohm/sq. These shielding gaskets are available with varying thickness and custom cutouts

EMI Cable Shielding

Simply wrapping a cable with our EMI fabric provides excellent EMI shielding. JEMIC can provide this EMI shield tape with a protective outer layer for added protection in harsh environments.

EMI Shielding Laminates

Typical EMI shielding laminates include our conductive fabric, copper foil tape or aluminum foil tape with one or more insulating layers that can be easily folded and shaped to prevent interference between various components. Often used to surround components - such as a printed circuit board - this EMI shielding product is an inexpensive shielding solution.

EMI Shielding Tapes

Shielding tapes may be used to cover a seam or an opening in an enclosure. Custom widths and adhesive options are available. JEMIC offers EMI fabric tape, aluminum foil tape and copper foil tape.

RF Pouch

The objective of the RF Shielded Pouch is to provide electronic shielding that prevents the transmission of RF frequencies going to and from the inside of the bag.

Wire Oriented Silicone Gaskets

Wire Oriented Silicone is a conductive silicone using either a solid or sponge elastomer constructed with individual wires imbedded within the silicone. The EMI shielding is created by the conductive wire, and the environmental and pressure seal is created by the silicone elastomer. The wires are oriented perpendicular to the mating surface to complete the EMI shield.