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The flexibility of our conductive EMI fabric, supplied with an adhesive on the inner side, is an ideal cable shield that is easily applied. An insulating layer may be added to the outer side of the fabric to protect the cable shield and allow for custom coloring.

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EMI Cable Shielding

JEMIC can layer a variety of insulating films and conductive materials, such as our standard conductive fabric, resulting in excellent cable shielding. A typical wire shielding configuration is a conductive layer with an outer protective layer, as shown in the diagram above. The conductive layer supplies the cable shielding properties and the durable outer layer protects and insulates the inner conductive layer. Cable shielding using only the conductive fabric as an EMI shielding tape without the protective outer layer is another option.

Benefits of JEMIC EMI Cable Shielding

Our EMI cable shielding is inexpensive, lightweight and can be designed to meet particular requirements. JEMIC Shielding Technology takes pride in our value-added capabilities as well. We can design, manufacture and apply the EMI cable shielding all in one location. Let our engineers assist you with your wire shielding needs.
EMI Cable Shielding from JEMIC Shielding Technology

Advantages of Wire Shielding

The goals of cable shielding are simple: to absorb interference generated by a data or electrical cable, and to deflect noise from external sources. However, factors such a cable’s length, noise and signal frequency, and termination methodology all affect its specific shielding requirements. JEMIC Shielding Technology can help. Here’s why you should make us your partner for all your EMI cable-shielding needs:

  • Our robust shielding options: Our advanced engineering capabilities allow us to manufacture shielded cables for practically any application. Our EMI fabric tape is often used for shielding in general electronics. For specialized applications, however, we can design a cable with multiple layers of wire mesh tape, heat shrink tubing and other materials. Contact JEMIC and let our team determine the best type of wire shielding for you.

  • Our flexible design capabilities: A variety of cable-shielding material options is just one aspect of our superior design capabilities. Our products are available in an unlimited range of different sizes and configurations. Whether your ultimate application is consumer, military, aerospace or any other industry, we can match you with the best EMI cable option for your needs.

  • Our low minimum volume requirements: We can accommodate both high- and low-volume orders of any in-stock or off-the-shelf cable-shielding product. If you require custom-made EMI cable shielding for a specific application, we have one of the lowest tooling costs in the industry today.

  • Our in-house manufacturing capabilities: EMI shielding can be applied in-house by our team, or delivered to you for installation in your facility. Our vertical capabilities allow for cable design, manufacturing and installation to be completed under one roof, delivering an exceptionally high level of quality control.

  • Our fast turnaround times: Send us the details of your request and we’ll get back to you with a quote, typically by the next business day. Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, we sell conductive elastomer shielding and other EMI cabling products to customers around the country, and can quickly ship your order to you once it is completed.

  • Our low overall costs: We’re committed to making high-quality EMI cable shielding available to all customers at a reasonable price. To get started, request a quote using our online form.

By far the biggest benefit to working with JEMIC Shielding Technology is our excellent customer service. Our team is knowledgeable, capable and, above all, committed to your success. To discover how we can help you with any EMI cable-shielding issue, contact our office today.