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If youíre not using JEMIC cell phone shielding pouches in your facility, you could be jeopardizing the security of your organization. Contact us to learn more about how our cell phone security products can help you sleep a little bit better at night.

Cell Phone Shielding Bags for RFI

Cell Phone Shielding Pouches

Cell phone security is critical in military and government installations, as well as any commercial or industrial building containing sensitive information that must be protected at all costs. A cell phone shielding pouch from JEMIC Shielding Technology is your best defense against unwanted cell phone transmissions that could compromise the security of your organization. JEMIC is a Harrisburg, PA-based manufacturer of innovative EMI shielding products and RF shielding bags for a wide variety of applications.

Smart and Mobile Phone protection

What Does the RF Cell Phone Bag Do?

The RF cell phone bag provides highly effective electronic shielding that prevents RF frequencies from being transmitted to or from a phone inside the bag, making it an invaluable accessory for secure buildings or other locations. They eliminate the threat of tracking and skimming of RFID devices that can lead to potentially devastating security breaches. JEMIC RF cell phone bags give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing youíre doing everything possible to safeguard your organizationís vital data. With our cell phone shielding bags, you are can be truly off the grid.

Other Useful Cell Phone Shielding Pouch Applications

In addition to bolstering internal security measures by blocking transmissions, our cell phone shielding pouches can perform a number of beneficial functions. They can serve as digital evidence and forensic seizure bags for preserving data contained on mobile devices in criminal investigations. RF cell phone bags can also silence ringing or chirping phones to eliminate interruptions during meetings. These pouches can be used with:

  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets and iPads
  • Laptops
  • GPS units

Military Cell Phone Shielding

Shielding has become a must-have for military professionals no matter where they are stationed or deployed. EMI cell phone pouches are typically needed because military electronics requirements have strong enough security practices that shielding is necessary.

Stray signals and the potential for espionage are high, so military cell phone shielding needs to be in place no matter where the device is located or what function is being completed. We recommend cell phone shielding for military service members become a standard practice by using EMI cell phone pouches to carry the device at all times.

Cell Phone Shielding for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement cell phone shielding not only protects officers in the field and those working at stations, but it can be used during the course of your duties. Cell phone shielding pouches allow you to manipulate mobile devices with minimal outside exposure, giving you options to create a secure connection to collect data and prevent the loss of information, as well as preserving the pristine nature of a device collected at a crime scene.

We also recommend cell phone shielding for law enforcement officers who keep their phones on hand while on the job, such as driving to a scene or on a local beat. This prevents intrusion, data theft and harm to the device thanks to the EMI cell phone pouch design.

General government cell phone shielding can protect sensitive data as well. Law enforcement and military shielding best practices tend to dictate a need for cell phone shielding for government employees, especially when personal or government-issued devices contain personal information about citizens.

Solid Construction Makes the Difference

JEMIC RF cell phone bags are comprised of two layers of RF shielding material underneath a foam-padded outer layer. Besides offering superior defense against unwanted cell phone transmissions, this solid construction also helps to protect the device from damage caused by dropping or mishandling. Our RF cell phone bags are available in three different sizes to hold multiple devices if desired, and the two larger sizes offer the option for embroidery of your customized brand or logo. We can also accommodate custom sizes upon request.